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Our Story was one of those "lightbulb" moments. Four years ago we purchased a money pit. A beautiful house that was a wreck from top to bottom. We told each other the improvements needed were ‘just cosmetic.’ I guess now plumbing and electrical are ‘cosmetic.”

It took the better part of a year just to get a kitchen and another year to have the first floor done. Only recently have we even begun to ‘decorate’ – Now that IS cosmetic!!!

Here’s how it happened::

  1. Put furniture in same place as it was in the old house (first two years).
  2. Paint several colors of paint on the walls in each room in order to decide the right color.
  3. Rule out the first group of colors, back to the paint store for another set of colors. Paint the walls with these.
  4. Move heavy sofa to den to see it in place.
  5. Move heavy sofa back to living room.
  6. Buy chairs for den at really expensive store. (Loved them in the store; not so much in the house.)
  7. Have a lot of small pieces of art – need big ones. Try to group small ones and put dozens of holes in the wall. Think of filling holes with toothpaste like I did in college. Husband vetoes toothpaste.

Where was I? Exhausted and confused. I could have hired an interior designer to help me, but on my budget I could barely afford one pair of drapes, let alone the tables and accessories they would have suggested or their design fee. There had to be great designers out there who could deliver designs that I liked, that were simple to implement and affordable.

And now there are! Here at My Design Guide our professional interior designers are standing by just waiting to work on your next room redesign with you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our philosophy

You can have a fabulous room by purchasing the great affordable products we recommend - they are simple to find in your favorite store or order online. Just click on the links we provide to take you there.

Or, use this design as a roadmap - look at the style, shape, scale, textures and colors we recommend, and then make it work for you by combining new purchases and:

  • Creating a wish list in your home registry – share it with friends and family on special dates-birthday, anniversary or holiday!
  • Using something in your home that looks like the recommended item,
  • Repairing or reupholstering an item that you find,
  • Making something – (ok, maybe not a sofa unless you are really handy, start with something small like framing your own art).  Homemade is always well made.
  • Waiting for a sale – you might get the item at a better price – if so, let us know where so we can share it with our other customers!




About the Owners

Champe Granger and Roger Bouchard are the owners of My Design Guide. We are serial renovators, serial entrepreneurs and LOVE a bargain. That's why we created this business for those of us who want real, professional, custom interior design, but don't want to pay a lot for it.

About Our Designers

All of our designers are degreed, accredited interior designers. They have attended four year design or masters degrees programs from top design universities throughout the country. They teach and have experience in both residential and commercial design.


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