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Budget friendly table top decor

Any season, any style and almost any event...burlap serves up a beautiful table top... see how right here

How to Choose Kitchen Flooring

Here's what's hip today and classical forever...

How Much does and Interior Designer Cost?

Wondering if you can afford professional interior design? You'd be surprised. Here's the scoop...

The flat screen vs.the fireplace

3 things you need to know before you hang your flat screen above your fireplace. Read here....

Mad about Matelasse

Why you should use matelasse bedding NOW! all about it.

How to Start Your Room Design

It’s often easier to decorate if you have inspiration for your room. Something that excites, soothes, calms or just makes you smile. It can be a piece of art, furniture, travel destination (beach, Tuscany etc…) or a feeling (like a spa). See why in our blog post 60 Second Style

Natural Cleaner for your Home

It's natural and it cleans things you might not know about. Sunshiny lemons take your home from clean to sparkling here's how

Home Office Help

We all tend to put our desks in the same place - but you Can't Please! Here's how to arrange your office and why...

How to Design Bookcases

No more library look, there are lots of new techniques for designing (yes, designing) your bookcases. We show you how to make your book cases beautiful

How to Buy Lamps

There are 3 types of room lighting: general,accent and task. Light provides both function ofcourse, 'ya need it to read, eat hellooo...' and form. They bring a beautiful glow to your space and to you when done correctly. Here's how to lighten your room

Step 10 Design Your Own Room - Wrap Up!

Want to take charge of your own Design Destiny? Here are our designers final few hints to make it happen. Who knew you could professionally design your own room? We did!

How to Buy Wood Furniture

Want an easy way to make sure your room look stylishly selected? Wood and metal finishes done right are the answer. How do yours stack up?

How To Accessorize Your Room

Why is it that those little picture frames, pillows and pieces look so cute in the store, but back at home..not so much. The right Art & Accessories complete your space with style. Our designers tell you how to get it right.

Room Design Step 2 - Fun, fun, function

She's havin' fun! You hear it all the time in the interior design world - 'form' and 'function.' Form - means - is it pretty? Function means does it fit your lifestyle. We learn about your lifestyle from our Stylefinder. Whether U R fancy - or not (I'm 50-50)...But you can define your room's function here.

Room Design Step 4 - Color!

It's easy once you know our secret. Wall paint will be your major room color...but you need 2 more for a true designer's how to choose...

Room Design Step 5 - Furniture Arrangement

Just by saying 'I love U' you have the answer to all your furniture arrangement dilemmas. Read this My Design Guide exclusive that loves ya back..

What's the Right Size for Furniture

The top 3 scale problems in homes are 1) sofa and chair too large, 2) art too small and 3) lamps too small....but how do you make sure your's are just right...this simple tip read on..

Every Home Needs a Large Round Mirror

Every home needs at least one large round mirror to reflect your style. The shape contrasts with the many square forms (sofa, tables, chairs, etc..) that we have in our homes. And, the mirror reflects light, brightening your home. Whether you place one in the entryway, above a fireplace etc... select something that matches your style. We love these gorgeous, sparkledy options.

Furniture Arrangement - How to, in 3 little words

Every seat in the house just a little off? Can't see the TV, can't get that cozy but sophisticated living room design...3 little words can be used to solve all your living room arrangement problems. Here they are...

Budget Bedroom Makeover

Get a fresh look in your bedroom for very little $$ we show you how.

Top 3 Room Design Mistakes

Your guide to finding and fixing them fast.

How to Disguise that Big Fat Flat Screen

Today we are trying to make our mongo TV's that hubby is so proud of, NOT be the only thing people see in our room. There's no chance of getting rid of them, but let's do what we can to make sure friends and family notice prettier things! 4 quick solutions

Cute Kitchen Windows

Want something to spice up your kitchen, need a way to make use of your collectibles, making local produce a priority? These kitchen window design options are for you.

A White Bathroom is Always In

A white theme for your bathroom decor always looks clean, classic and works with any design style. See how brilliant it can be in your home.

How to Design a Gallery Wall

We have 'em and we love 'em, family photos. They help us remember the little ones as they grow and celebrate lifelong memories. From a decor perspective, they can make - or break your room. Too many small, mismatched photos make a gallery wall feel cluttered and lacking in direction. Here's how to do them right

Bedside Lamps - Do's and Don'ts

Bedside lamps are a must....can't be too high, too low, too large or small...they must be just right for a good nighty night.. here's exactly what to buy. Need professional help with this? Consider the My Design Guide Art and Accessory Plan We find all the art, lighting and accessories you need to complete your room.

Books - Hip and Trendy again

What's fresh and possibly even FREE in home design? Books! And the good news is, they are majorly back in style for decorating here's how to do it.

How to Define Your Room's Focal Point

Does your room lack direction - that's exactly the reason for a focal point. Every room needs at least one and maybe more. The room's focal point is typically a fireplace, beautiful window, amazing art installation, stylish little seating area. (Preferably not the TV:) Choose your focal point and you are off to a great start.

How to Select a Color Palette

TMI to go into all the thought and theory..besides you are busy. Choose 3 colors for your room and use them like this: 60% wall color, 30% furniture and cabinetry and 10% art and accessories. Read more...

Should I Re Upholster my Sofa (or chair).?

You should re-upholster if: •Your current sofa is the right size (scale) for your room. •It's comfortable and •It's the right Stylefinder style (traditional, modern, rustic etc..) for you. But.... Read More....

What are the best plants for my home?

So we are talking about plants that look great, are easy to take care of and go with almost any design style....We are not master gardeners.....oh wait, yes I am - but that's beside the point..We love 1) Orchids - buy the cheapies at the grocery store and give em 3 icecubes once a week until they lose their flowers - then get a new one and 2) succulents. They are so architectural, come in small medium and large sizes and you almost can't kill them.

Where to Start Your Room Design

It’s easier to decorate if you have inspiration for your room, something that excites, soothes or makes you smile. It can be a piece of art, furniture, travel destination (beach, Tuscany etc…)or just a feeling (spa.) Take the MyD Stylefinder to help define your design style. Or get inspired here...

Furniture Arrangement - More is More

In a home, seating can be closer together than you think. From an interior design perspective, each chair/seat will take up about 3' of total space. But,you only need 18” of space for walkways between chair and tables. Most of us can really fit a lot more seats in our rooms, than we think. Still just don't get it? We can solve your problem with the My Design Guide Furniture Arrangement service.

What's the right size rug for my room?

Buying a rug can be expensive, so you need to get it right, so here's the MyD rule of thumb for choosing the right size rug With pictures - what else would you expect from us...we are impatient - we want pictures! Even easier? We can just do it for you, 3 selections right for your style

How to Decorate your Bay Window

1st, what is the function of your room and the bay window space? If it's living room or may want seating. If it's a kitchen or dining room, you may want storage, a coffee or wine bar, and plants are always a good option. We show you how. Or let our professional designers it 4 U.

What's My Design Style?

My Design Guide creates designs based on your style and your lifestyle - it's totally U. Don't know your interior design style? take our quick Stylefinder quiz to find out.

Pattern Perfect

Every room should have about 3 different pattern fabrics a solid (easy), a geometric (circles, stripes etc…) and an organic (leaves, flowers, etc..). What's the easiest way to make it happen?

What color should my lampshade be?

These days people are having a lot more fun playing with creative colors for their lampshades. And changing lampshades is such an affordable way to change your room's look. Purple, gold, even black can they work? Find out now.

The Right Size LampShade

The height of your lampshade should always be taller than the width of the base, •on lamps with larger bases (or spherical bases) the lampshade's width can be the same, as long as the lamp doesn't all look like one piece, These tips and all U need to know right here.

How to Select Drapes/Window Treatments

Stylish drapes have: 1. The right pattern and texture needed to match your Stylefinder style. 2. The right length. 3. Preferrably lined or combined with a bamboo shade to give the look texture and richness. More......

Should I let my drapes puddle on the floor?

If your design style is Romantic absolutely, but it's not really the hot trend it used to be and for those of us with kids and pets, those puddles are just dust bunny magnets. If you have a cleaning person or a go girl.

How high/where do I hang drapes?

Drapes typically come off the shelf in 3 standard sizes: 54", 84" and 96" - yes that's 4.5 ', 7' and 8' corresponding to 1 foot below most standard ceiling and window heights. Keep that in mind when shopping. The rod should be installed above the window frame unless there is an impediment, like a vent or soffit.

How to hang small art.

When purchasing a small piece of art like this painting by Bart Dluhy have a spot in mind that is small, a pit stop where someone will naturally pause or be standing so that they will stop and enjoy it. By a doorway, window, light switch, small section of wall in a kitchen, landing on the stairs.... Or group it with a number of other pieces of art to make a larger composition. In a larger composition, look for art that is of similar coloring, content or style - this endeavor is the black diamond of interior design.

How to hang a chandelier

A chandelier should be hung approximately 30 inches from the table so that you have appropriate clearance for dinner conversation, and being able to “pass the peas.” This distance is based off an 8-foot high ceiling. Every additional foot of the ceiling means raising the chandelier a few inches. recommends that the dining room chandelier be 12 inches in width smaller than the table giving you the right proportion and says: For Any Room: •If the room is smaller than 10' by 10', a 17" to 20" diameter chandelier is the right size, •If the room is about 12' x 12', a 26" or 27," •If the room is about 14' x 14', choose one that is from 24" to 36" wide. Read more....

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