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How do your services work?

professional room designWe are very similar to a traditional design firm. But, we remove the hassle and cut the costs. You tell us what you like, what you have and what you dream of. We make it happen quickly and affordably. Complete our Stylefinder™ and you are on your way.

How are you different than a traditional designer?

  1. Cost - see next FAQ - we are much less. Our complete design costs the same that you might pay for 2 hours of designer consultation.
  2. Our design - you see it in 3D before you buy furnishings for your room. Traditional designers have a 'vision' in their heads, it might be beautiful, but most of the rest of us cannot envision that outcome. We show you the outcome before you spend a lot of money.
  3. Fast - nothing is custom made, all our recommended products are 'off the shelf' because great design is out there in our favorite stores.
  4. We don't sell products, we sell service and guarantee it.
  5. No time consuming appointments - you don't have to clean up your house before you call us - we don't care if you have dust. We'll have your pictures, your Stylefinder™ results and a thorough phone consultation to make sure your design is just right.

How can your prices be so much less than traditional designers?

We use technology and the power of the Internet to create a fantastic design for you. Our designers use the latest in design drawing software and use real, affordable products from real, affordable stores to create your room. We don't have inventory and samples like traditional designers. We don't have big office buildings, the overhead is very low. We just have great professional designers doing a great job using products and stores that you love like Target, Home Decorators, Lowe's and Pier 1.

What's the process for buying a full room design?

  1. Measure your room. Length and Width isall we need.
  2. Go to Design Services and select the right size room service depending on your room size (Petite, Standard, Grande). Purchase the service.
  3. Create your Home Registry by taking our 3 minute StyleFinder™ quiz.
  4. A designer will call you within 24 hours to get started.
  5. Once you have registered, you can put more information about the room under the My Rooms tab in your Home Registry - that will help - or you can just talk to the designer. You will upload your photos on My Rooms tab too.

How much time will I have to spend to get my room design done?

A total of about 1 hour.
  • 15 minutes to measure the room and take photos,
  • 15 minutes to complete the Stylefinder quiz and upload photos,
  • 30 minutes phone consultation with the designer.

Can I use some or all of my existing furniture?

Yes, by all means, we'd love to. That's what makes your room unique. Just send us a picture so we can include it.

What do I have to do to get my design?

There are 4 simple steps:

1. Tell us what you love online in the Stylefinder™

2. Upload the pictures and dimensions of the room you want designed

3. Talk with our professional designers

4. Receive your full color design including products and pricing

Do I have to buy the products recommended as part of my design?

Our Design Philosophy

1. You can have a fabulous room by purchasing the great affordable products we recommend - they are simple to find in your favorite store or order online. Just click on the links we provide to take you there.

2. Or, use this design as a roadmap - look at the style, shape, size, textures and colors we recommend, and then make it your own by combining new purchases with:

a. items you already have that are similar to those recommended by the designer

b. consider flea markets or consignment shops

c. consider making something like those items recommended, homemade is always well made

d. get things from friends and family or

Who creates my design?

Our staff are professional interior designers that have been educated at some of the top interior design schools in the U.S. Many of them have worked for years in the field and now are able to create a design that is Totally You. They are skilled in all styles of interior design from modern to traditional to country, Asian, arts and craft and more. None of the design is created by a computer system. The designers use a CAD (computer aided drawing) system to deliver your 3D room plan, but the design is done exclusively by them. For more information about our design team, visit About Us.

What is the difference between a Petite, Standard and Grande Service?

Each of the services provides a full color 3D design for your room including paint color, furniture placement, art and accessories, flooring, lighting and window treatments plus more. The Petite service is for rooms that are smaller than 12' x 12' or 144 sq. ft. The Standard service is for rooms that are smaller than 15' x 15' or 225 sq ft and the Grande service for rooms that are smaller than 20' X 20' or 400 sq ft.

What is included in a Design Package?

See a Sample Design Package

Can I use my camera phone to take the pictures I need to upload?

Sure, just make sure we can see the layout of the room and the detail of any furnishings you wish to keep and use in your new room design.

I want to view my design in 3D. Where can I download Google Earth?

Download Google Earth

Are My Design Guide services guaranteed?

Yes, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Let us know your concerns and we will work with you to make them right. If you're not satisfied, simply contact our customer service department via email or call us during our normal business hours for a full refund of the service price.

How do I stop receiving your emails?

Information regarding our privacy policy, security policy, return policy and other legal and administrative information can be found on our Privacy page.

Can I specify a budget for my project?

Our designs are made based on products from the most affordable stores that you know and love already. From Target, Crate and Barrel, Walmart, Pier1, Home Decorators and more - we incorporate off the shelf products to present you with fine design. While we don't operate within a specific budget, we give you all the products and pricing so that you know exactly what the design will cost. More importantly - you have options when creating your room. See 'Our Design Philosophy' above.

What is My Design Guide's privacy policy?

Information regarding our privacy policy, security policy, return policy and other legal and administrative information can be found on our Privacy + Security page.

How long will it be until I get my design?

Petite, Standard and Grande room design will be delivered one week after you complete your Stylefinder™, upload or email your room pictures and complete the phone consultation with your designer.

A la Carte services will be delivered in one week after you complete your Stylefinder™ and upload or email your room pictures.

What kind of pictures do I need to send in for my design?

You should send a minimum of 5 pictures your room. One of each wall - covering the full wall end to end if possible (that makes 4) and one that captures as much of the room in one shot as possible. You will also need to send close up shots of any furniture you wish to keep in the room. If you'd like to send pictures of adjoining rooms (just one shot please) to help us coordinate with nearby rooms - please do! Make sure to turn room lights on and use flash if necessary when taking pictures.

What if the colors that my camera captures are slightly different than what it looks like in person?

That's ok. Our designers are experts in color. They understand that hue, tone and shade may vary slightly. Because of their experience and training they can always provide you with a great design including great color selections.

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