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This is our MyDesignGuide Art & Accessory service. For a more comprehensive solution, order the the My Design Guide Standard Custom Room Design

We are so excited to see your breakfast nook again and glad you liked the Quick Fix - please tell a friend! This Art&Accessory design incorporates the existing paint color you've just painted and we are working around the soon to be in place aqua and brown draperies. We are going to help you with that long wall - by creating some rythem. In addition, we really want to play up the elegance of your chandelier, but make the room real as well and really your style.

We continue the very current color scheme you have chosen by carrying your colors and the aqua accent color throughout our design. The walls are a terrific neutral background for a strong aqua. And, we've introduced some browns to work with whichever of the carpets you choose for your room.

The room's focal point is obviously the chandelier and by hanging a beautiful mirror on the long wall across from it, we are going to double it's impact. The

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