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This is your My Design Guide custom room design. We were so glad to be a part of your home. The goal of this design is to lighten the room a bit and bring the diverse pieces and parts together into a well-defined plan that you can execute on your schedule and your budget. Your room has so many terrific assets, our design will take it from good to great.

The room's architecture is delightful....the bay window is such an asset and the hardwood floors add a richness that is highly sought after. We've used your wrought iron bed and roman shades in the plan - these are terrific pieces and fit so well in the new design.

The design begins by identifying the room's focal point(s). Clearly the bay windows are one of them and we've created a view to that space that will make you smile each time you enter the room. The bed and beautiful new bedding are a secondary focal point - to be enjoyed as you enter the room or are seated in the bay window nook. We've selected Behr's Pale Sky paint to define the color palette that is not only your style, but also a perfect choice to introduce a sense of calm and relaxation in any bedroom.

Antique white wood finishes help to lighten the space and enhance the traditional cottage-feel. And, we've incorporated both wrought iron and brushed nickel hardware in the room....demonstrating a bit more complexity of design (i.e not so matchy-matchy).

Pattern too establishes the tone of the room and gives the design a richness that moves the viewers eye from point to point along with the use of green and yellow accent pieces. Both encourage the viewer to appreciate every aspect of the space.

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