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Hi Charlotte, I'm Mary Jo your designer. I graduated from Louisiana State University with an interior design degree and have been working in the field ever since.

This is you’re My Design Guide custom room consultation. It addresses your room problems based on your style and lifestyle, taking your room from Good to Great!

We love that your room has an amazing bay window and a fireplace- both are key elements that really make a room wonderful from the start. You talked about wanting different furniture that would make the room more open and cozy, and in general a basic face lift from the dated look that you had now. We think that what we picked out will make the room not only more functional and modern but also brings in a warmth that will pull the whole space together to make it an amazing vacation spot.

The main color we selected for the room is a warm neutral that will not only light up the space but give a cozier atmosphere. You mentioned that you would eventually put slate over the wood by the fireplace and close in the shelves you had now with cabinetry. We thought that by painting the cabinets a soft grey blue, it would coordinate with the slate and guide your eye to the fireplace/mantel (the focal point) rather than the storage area that isn't as important.

For the floors, we chose a simple wood floor that has "waterproof construction to provide resistance to skidding, staining, scratching and marking" (!) With all the use that it gets in the winter and summe, we thought that something this durable and nice looking would be perfect. However, there are lots of options and if another one coordinates with your other hardwood floors- by all means go for it. Our thoughts about the rug where two-fold.

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