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Hi Paula, I'm Mary Jo your designer. I graduated from Louisiana State University with an interior design degree and have been working in the field ever since.

Your room has such high ceilings and is so open with tons of natural light- both of these are things that act as key elements in a beautiful room. You talked about how you wanted a more comfortable living space with less formal furniture that was also updated. Not only do we agree but we love that your style is "shabby chic"! Our hope is that this room is not only comfy but exceeds expectations and is a great example of your favored style.

Your biggest concern was the sofa. We agreed with you about the orientation of where it was, but we also thought that a more casual sofa that was more inviting would help the space's theme. We chose a sofa that was neutral and had some nail head detailing to give it some interest while still being sophisticated enough. This takes up the same amount of space but gives you a lot more options in terms of accent colors (as opposed to that red!). In case this isn't exactly what you want, we picked one a little different but along the same flair as another option. Instead of having another wingback as the other seating in the room we wanted to give you a pair of chairs that were easy to wash, comfy and let some light into the room. These Ikea chairs are a nice match with the sofa and your existing chair because their wood-less style helps pull of a less formal arrangement and brings in that shabby style we want.

For the rug, we picked something that would not only ground the room but give a pattern to the floor while still covering up dirt. It's made of a soft chenille which is not only comfortable but allows a depth that is simply beautiful. Feel free to look for something similar that isn't as much- we love bargains too! We also replaced your coffee table with a more substantial one that had a neat detail on the bottom while coordinating with all the other things in the room.

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