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Hi, this is Mary Jo and I'm your designer. I graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in interior design and have been working in the industry ever since.

This kitchen is cozy and has great appliances and space to work with. However, we understand that the country chic feel is not quite what you have in mind and we agree that it's time for an update. We hope that with these ideas, you'll be able to transform your kitchen into a functional, modern, colorful kitchen that you enjoy to be in.

One of the first things we wanted to focus on was the color of the space. We picked a soft, subtle teal for the walls that would give the room a fresh look and keep the room bright. Since you mentioned you liked red and had lots of fiesta ware in it, we thought that it would be fun to bring a "pop" of red to the room. We painted your cabinet to make it the focal point in the room and to give it a much needed uplift. In addition to painting it, we put some fun patterned wallpaper behind it to give it some detail (but if you find another wallpaper that you like better by all means use it! )We also selected an updated wingback chair with a fun print to replace your reading chair. This chair is not only functional but gives another great texture to the room.

The next big issue we tackled was storage. We picked out a simple stainless steel shelf that will match all your appliances and give you that sleek, clean look. But because you said that you loved the look of open shelving so we gave you a couple of options: 1. We took out the upper cabinets and the backsplash, then painted the cabinets a warm gray color 2. We took out the upper cabinets and left the backsplash in place, then painted the lower cabinets a tan color. Both options take out the upper cabinets so if you find you need them, we would suggest painting them both the tan color then replacing some of the upper cabinet doors with all glass doors so that it still creates the open feel. All of these options would work fine in the space it really just depends on how drastic of a change you want and what you want. To keep in line with the update, we also suggest you replace the cabinet handles with a sleek stainless steel one that will match everything else.

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