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Hi Jane, I'm Emily your designer. I graduated from ISU School of Design and have been working in the field ever since.

This is our MyDesignGuide Design Dilemma service. I will go over each product and explain how to solve the problems and improve the overall appearance and feel of your family room.

Your room has so much potential, I love your hardwood floors and the large picture window. Hardwood flooring and natural light are both very sought after attribute for any space.

Your design style is mixture of Asian, Coastal, Modern, and Tuscan with an emphasis on Asian. You have a preference for bright colors, which is good Ö you arenít scared of color, we can definitely work with that! With a few changes, this space can become the perfect family hangout that will be fun and inviting for everyone.

The key to remember for any room is pick 3 colors and use the 60-30-10 rule. 60% of a dominant color - 30% of a secondary color - and 10% of an accent color. This translates into 60% wall color, 30% upholsteries and 10% accent accessories. I like your wall color you have currently. Because your room is open and flows into other areas of the house itís always best to have a good neutral color that will work in every room. Also, your family room isnít very large, when you have a small area doing a lighter paint color makes the room feel larger than it really is and a dark paint color will have the exact opposite effect; making your room shrink. So youíve done the right thing with a beautiful, light neutral color for the walls. This will then allow you to bring in pops of color with upholsteries and accessories. Right now your space is missing that WOW factor you can achieve from an accent color. The idea is to sprinkle that color throughout using art and accessories. This moves the eye from point to point in the room - allowing the viewer to enjoy each of your roomís furnishings.

While keeping in mind the 3 color rule for your room, patterns are just as important. Every room should have about three different pattern fabrics a solid (easy), a geometric (circles, stripes etcÖ) and an organic pattern (leaves, flowers, etc..) . Introducing pattern in pillows, draperies, carpeting or even throws is inexpensive and safe. Have at least one large-scale pattern in your room Ė whether it is a geometric or organic Ė a rug will be the perfect place for you to do this. Iíve selected a new rug for your space, not only will it bring in a beautiful geometric pattern, but it brings in that pop of color your space is lacking. Take a look at it on Page 2! Also, the new chair Iíve selected will bring in a large organic pattern and the color will compliment the blue rug.

When dealing with colors and trying to find complimentary ones Ö itís all about the color wheel. Complementary colors are any two hues that sit opposite each other on the color wheel. For instance, red and green, yellow and purple and blue and orange are all complementary colors. Analogous colors sit next to each other on the color wheel, such as blue and purple. When you pair colors like these together you create a striking contract that looks great! This is exactly what I did for your space with the rug, chair, and drapes. Then add in some orange for an accent color and you have a completely harmonies room, that looks great!

We love your fabulous shell floor lamp in the corner - great texture.

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