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Design Description

Hi Anita, I'm Mary Jo your designer. I graduated from Louisiana State University and have been working in the field ever since. This little room has so much potential. It has a good layout and the natural light really does add a ton. We think that with this design, the room will become exactly what you want it to be: welcoming, functional and interesting.

Since the walls are a warm neutral right now we wanted to maintain that brightness while adding some color. We picked a nice green that would do just that. We also chose a cream color that coordinates with the green and could give the cabinets a fresh look.

One of the biggest challenges in this room was making it multi-functional while still having it be a usable office space. We picked a desk that was open and simple to give you a space to work but not something that would overwhelm the space (and if you already have something like this- perfect!). The chair 1/2 that we selected is the right size for one or two people to sit on, but it also folds out into a twin bed which will be perfect for when you need an extra bed. You also wanted a place to put your books. We thought about two options here. The first is the traditional upright bookcase and the second are shorter, longer ones. We will give you the option of picking which one you want the best, but we thought that the shorter ones would be perfect under the low windows. That way you can get to your books easily but also use a small space that would otherwise go to waste.

If you want to add interest to a small space like yours, one of the easiest ways is with a rug. We thought this large soft pattern was beautiful, classic and would give some pattern to the room while again not making it seem crowded. We also thought by adding a few pieces of art to the wall, it would make the space cozier and less sterile. Keep in mind that in any space a few larger pieces will make a space much more calm and relaxing rather than a lot of smaller pieces of art or accessories.

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