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Hi, this is Mary Jo and I'm your designer. I graduated from Louisiana State University with an interior design degree and have been working in the industry ever since.

This dining room is truly ideal. It's cozy but large enough to put furniture, has a great curved entry, hardwoods and a simple classic table/ chairs. And I love the barrel of monkey's hanging on the window - the sign of a fun home! That being said, we do agree that it could get turned up a notch and pulled together a little more. Our hope is that with these next few thoughts, you will have the tools you need to go forward and put together this room to become exactly what you want.

The first thing we did was look for a place to store all your linens, dishes etc. We picked out two different ones- one is a little bit more rustic and the other is more traditional. The more rustic one uses the wood in such a way to give a great texture and the hardware is really different. The traditional one has glass doors instead of open shelves and has an optional hutch if you want to add on later. Either one would work great. We would recommend putting it under the window (or on either end if it's too tight of a fit or you like it better).

Our next step, was to find a seat cushion and drapes that would coordinate and be have a simple but dramatic affect on the room. Since you have such a wonderful shade of grey on the wall you have a lot of options for an accent color. Our thoughts were either crimson/rust, navy, or a sage/mineral green for accent color options. We picked the green option but if you'd like one of the other ones by all means switch it out. That being said, our cushions were a subtle green stripe and the drapes were a solid green color. Both again bring in detail and help bring those added touches to make the room more finished.

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