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Hi, this is Mary Jo and I'm your designer. I graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in interior design and have been working in the industry ever since.

This is you’re My Design Guide custom room consultation. It addresses your room problems based on your style and lifestyle, taking your room from Good to Great!

Your Stylefinder style indicates a preference for romantic and rustic things and your preferred color palette is light naturals. We love your HUGE windows and the fireplace/ planters are really great features to play with. Your space is so large and open and the paint color you've chosen just goes with everything. But we know that because you have a challenge of such a large window, you have to figure out how to have more privacy. The other challenges are how to use the wall space and what exactly to put in the planters.

This space is so large that it is intended to contain at least 2 major functions: 1. The fireplace side for conversation, relaxing and entertaining - you have a great start there; and 2. the christmas tree side for another family activity. It could be an office/computer space, reading area, game area, kids area or anything else important to your peeps.

The first item we addressed was the coffee table in the fireplace side. Since the one you have now is a little tall and too big for the area, we picked a smaller trunk that matches the wood tones in the room and could be used for storage. We would also recommend selecting an end table that wasn't white and was maybe a little bigger. The white makes it blend in with the sofa and once you put a lamp on the top, it feels too crowded. Something in a color, or possibly a fun accent table that has wrought iron hardware would look good.

Every room needs at least 3 sources of light - and in this space you should have 3 just for the fireplace side. Add 2 more lights on the Christmas tree side for proper functionality. These can be ceiling lights, lamps or sconces.

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