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Hi, this is Mary Jo and I'm your designer. I graduated from Louisiana State University and have been working in the industry ever since.

This room is such a great open space. We love that you have the basics of a stella interior- hardwood floors and large windows. However, we totally understand that the task of putting together a room to make it function is difficult and we hope that with these suggestions you will feel like your room will really be able to pull together.

The first thing we wanted to focus on was defining the sitting area. We know that you rotated the sofa to the long wall, and we thought that that was a great decision. The next thing we did was add a love seat that matched it. We went back and forth on what was better-recliner or loveseat. We ultimately decided on a love seat because we put two chairs by the window and it looked funny to have another set of chairs, however, we know that the secondary sitting spot is where the piano is now. If you want to have the piano stay where it is, by all means put in two recliners instead of the love seat. Choose whichever choice your husband and son will feel the most comfortable in. Across from the sofa we put the TV console and left the tables you had on either side of the sofa.To define the space even more, we added a rug that clearly helps your eye recognize where the the sitting area is. The rug also helps make the room more finished. For an accent piece we added an ottoman that can be used for storage.

The colors that you started with in the room were warm neutrals- which are again a great basic. But when you don't have any pops of color, it makes it feel dull. We decided to add subtle tones of green, orange, yellow and red to help make the space feel more cozy. The rug has bits of all these colors and we wanted to pick it up specifically in the color of the ottoman and in the drapes. The art work further emphasizes these colors. Another nice thing about the artwork is that since it blends in really well with the rest of the room, it can be rotated around. We have a picture of two different art choices above the sofa so that you would see the options. We left the pillows a solid, but the existing lumbar pillow you have will look great on these pieces too.

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