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Hi, this is Mary Jo your designer. I graduated from Louisiana State University with an interior design degree and have been working in the industry ever since.

This kids room is a perfect size for a brother and sister to share! We love that it has carpet and is a blank slate. Understandably, it's not an easy task to have two siblings share a room when they like two completely different things. We hope that these ideas will make it seem less intimidating and be a unified picture of boy and girl.

The paint color in this room really does set the mood. Instead of going with a neutral, we selected two different blue paints (you might have gone with the darkest of the three for the accent wall, and that's fine too). These are bright and fun but don't scream "boy" or "girl". The accent color we wanted to use was yellow. After doing some research, yellow is a great way to incorporate both genders and will help tie the room together.

Since your main need was a dresser, we picked out one that was wide enough to have two children's clothes, but also sleek and modern enough to coordinate with the bunkbed. We also chose a secondary option that was white if you wanted something a little bit more classic.

The other storage in the room that we picked out was a bookcase that can go along side each other and provide a place to put toys, books, games etc. To make it look less cluttered, we also picked out some baskets to put things as opposed to having everything out in the open. We also came across a great toy basket that can be used for sports equipment, shoes, toys or dirty laundry.

There were some plastic tubs that we chose for more storage on top of the bookcases or on the floor near by.

To bring in some more color to the space, we chose a large area rug that hints at the other colors in the room but isn't overwhelming.

We thought that the best places to put yellow would be in the windows and accessories. We picked out a roman shade company that can custom make shades kid-proof and then a fabric that was modern but simple to give the room some more texture.

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