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Hi, this is Mary Jo your designer. I graduated from Louisiana State University and have been working in the industry ever since.

This room is such a great space for a 10yr old! We love that it has a great closet, window and hard woods. Understandably, if this is a much smaller space than you're used to, it's hard to make it seem open and spacious as well as place to play. Our hope is that these next few suggestions will make it really easy to transform this room to be fun, open and easy to keep clean.

To make the room really seem different and cool, we decided that color on the wall would be the best way to transform it. We picked a fun teal color to be the focal point and a soft yellow for the rest of room (to keep it light feeling). On top of the teal color, we put large red paisley decals to make it seem even more unique and to again emphasize the bed focal point. The other accent colors in the room are pink and then variations of the teal, yellow and red.

Because the bed you have now takes up so much space, we wanted to make sure that the bed we swaped it out with would give you more space to play and give you more storage. Our solution was to get a twin bed (box spring + mattress) and then have you build a rolling "trundle table" that could roll out (you might need to get bed raisers to make sure it fits). That way it frees up space that would normally be a play table for floor space to lay things out.In the next few years, when you might want more space, we picked out a bed that has the qualities that we feel would be perfect for display/ storage. Again, this isn't necessarily needed now but something that she would grow into later. And, we've found a 2nd option that you might like as well. This type of headboard attaches to the bedframe, not the wall. We chose it in white velvet giving your daughter that sense of softness and luxury we all want in our bedding.

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