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Hi, Ann. We are so excited to have been able to work on your guest room design. The space had so much potential to begin with, with hardwood floors, tall ceilings and great natural light. The challenges of the space were, everything! because it was empty as you've just started renovation on this room. That's perfect. We've designed a plan that will allow you to create your dream room all at once or on any schedule as time and budget allow.

When we talked during our phone consultation you said you wanted something cozy and colorful with a bit of exotic flair. You did not need a lot of storage because it was a guest room, but wanted your guests to really have some 'aha' features. And, we incorporated the facts that your Stylefinder Profile is traditional and eclectic and your preferred color palette is warm tones. That's why we chose Fresh Butter as the paint color with high gloss white trim. This combinaton is classical, elegant and this yellow can be so flexible, working with many styles over time.

You indicated that you have guests often and that you've just finished renovating the en-suite bath - how chic! We talked about using some artwork you already have to help define our focal point and color palette and we did just that! The fantastic sea scape painting introduces the warm colors that you love and some hints of blues and greens. Our design does the same in this space.

The Ballard Design Damask draperies were also an inspiration for the space. These are lovely and a bit exotic with their large gold medallion prints that match the color of your hardwood floors and soon to be walls. They are fully lined, but still let lots of natural light in from the large windows. Hang them on nickel or pewter rods with simple ball finials, approximatly 3" above the wood trim.

We arranged the room using the bed as the primary focal point. With that said, this space is very flexible and you could pretty much reverse the design completely, placing the bed on the wall to the right as you enter. Because it is the focal point, dressing this bed will be key. We've selected a simple white duvet, but rich patterns for the sheets and accessory pillows.

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