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Hi, this is Mary Jo your designer. I graduated from Louisiana State University with an interior design degree and have been working in the industry ever since.

This sweet home office is such a great set up. It contains room for two people to not only do their work, but also has space for storage, natural lighting, hard wood floors and extra room for seating. What more could you want? We picked out several things that we feel will not only make this enjoyable to work in, but also be more functional.

The all over color for the room is a soft, warm neutral that sets the tone for a relaxing place to focus. It doesn't overwhelm the room but it also adds the right amount of color so it doesn't look so sterile. This warm gray also looks great with the wood tones and pops of green that are in the rest of the room.

The biggest challenge was layout. We decided to put the desk on the wall opposite the other desk. This allows the space to be a little more symmetrical and helps balance out either side. We then used the longer wall to house the bookcase and the new lounge chair. The chair is light enough that it will go with the other sofa you bought and will look great with the other colors in the room. We picked out two different bookcases for you to choose from, but decided that the taller of the two would give you more places to put things so that is what is shown. We also changed the makeshift desk for one that was a little more sturdy. We liked that the one you had had an open feel to it underneath (it keeps that closet space from feeling so constricting) so we decided to pick one that had clean lines, but drawers too. There is a second option in case that one wasn't exactly what you wanted.

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