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Hi April, I had so much fun working on your room! You have a wonderful space that will soon be the perfect spot for you and all your friends to hangout!

We've created a room that is a bit glamorous and sparkley, yet also comfortable for lounging. From a design style view not only do we have some modern color and shapes, but contrast that with baroque (fancy) picture frames and lighting.

When we spoke you said you wanted bright colors, sparkles, sequins, and shiny which is great. So we made sure our color palette included those. However, to keep your room from getting too overwhelming I went with a neutral wall color, which will allow you to add those bright accent pieces. I chose Behrs paint color, Oat Straw, because it is a lighter shade, which will make your room feel larger, but it also will provide a nice warm neutral base that will not compete with the colorful drapes, bedding, rug, and accessories Ive selected. It will also work well with whatever you might choose as your next design style and color palette as you get older.

To make your room more functional and less cluttered Id recommend rearranging and removing a few pieces. You mentioned that you dont use your desk very often and this allows it to become a catch-all. Id recommend removing your desk, which will allow you add seating. To replace your desk, Ive selected a large beanbag chair that will fit perfectly in that corner. This will be a great spot for you and your friends to hangout or for you to lounge in and read a book or magazine. There isnt much more comfortable than a big bag of beans to relax on!

Also, Id recommend that you rearrange your bed and place it below your window. This will provide nice balance in your room and the window will highlight your bed and new bedding making it a terrific focal point.

Adding two side tables on either side of the bed will keep the harmony, and provide the perfect spot to add picture frames and a gummy bear light. =) In your nook, Id recommend centering your dresser and adding picture frames on either side to keep that wall clean yet cohesive with the rest of the space. The important thing about any space is to remember that less is more. Your room will feel more cozy and complete with a fewer number of large dcor items rather than lots of little pieces.

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