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Hi, this is Mary Jo and I'm your designer. I graduated from Louisiana State University and have been working in the industry ever since.

This porch is perfect for Florida! We love it's length, it's stone and it's open feel. We know that storage can be an issue in outdoor spaces but we hope that these suggestions really help you feel like the space will not only be chic but also organized and tidy.

The first thing we wanted to focus on was the layout. We decided to make two spaces- a dining and play space. The dining space will be closer to the living room doors and the play space closer to the grill/guest room doors.

The dining area has a black dining set that will look great and hold up in the weather. We wanted to help visually divide the space so we put a striped rug under the table. This rug also helps us bring in other colors into the patio. You had a great idea of making a bar/storage container for the beach toys and entertaining guests. We love it! The bar we created is 5'4" long, 20" deep and 38" high. This includes an overhang of 2" on each side (besides the back that is against the wall) on the counter and we covered it in zinc (copper would work too). This top finish is optional- we just liked the texture it gave the piece. Since this is a custom piece, you can make it whatever length/depth/height you need it to be in order to store the things you want.

For accessories in the space, we added artwork, pillows and pots. We wanted to give you something on the wall by the bar, so we picked out a candle wall piece that coordinates with the dining set and will look great at night. The flower pots are a deep indigo because we thought that this would look great with the rug and the colorful flowers that would be outside.

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