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Hi, this is Mary Jo and I'm your designer. I graduated from Louisiana State University with an interior design degree and have been working in the industry ever since.

This bathroom has so much potential! We love that it has two separate areas for the vanity and bathroom. Despite the challenges with storage, we know that with all the right updates, this small space is going to look a million times better.

The first update we wanted to make was with the paint. We decided that a pale blue color would look well in both rooms to make it lighter and more "spa like". To change the wood tone in the two rooms, we decided to put a deeper wood gel on top of the cabinetry. We had talked about possibly painting them white, but after looking at the inspiration pictures, we thought that it would look nice to keep the room grounded visually with a darker piece.

For the shelving by the shower, we wanted to update their look by changing the doors. We took the door off the top shelf to leave it exposed. Then, we added a shelf inside (there might be one there, we didn't know) and put baskets in them for organization. For the bottom shelf we recommend making the door frosted glass/plexi so that it keeps the contents from being seen but looks more updated than solid wood. The shelving can either be painted an off-white or have the same dark gel put on top. Both would look great.

The next thing we wanted to address was the flooring. In the vanity area, we selected two types of carpet that would update the space and look great with the finishes. They also would work in other parts of the house so that it stays uniform. For the bathroom, we picked out two types of large tile. One is travertine and the other marble. Either would look fabulous in the room- it just depends on your preference.

Lighting was an issue in these two rooms. Ultimately, we recommend installing recessed lighting in both areas- making sure there was a light above the mirror in the vanity area and one in the shower. For additional lighting we wanted to add either a sconce or an updated light fixture around the mirrors in both spaces. We have shown you two different looks but lighting is such an easy fix that you can pick one light now and then a couple years later change it out again. In the vanity area, instead of giving you another wall light, we thought that a simple glass lamp would look nice. It makes this area a little more inviting and intimate as well.

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