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Hi, this is Emily your designer. I graduated from Iowas State School of Design and have been working in the industry ever since.

Your Stylefinder Profile is traditional with rustic influences and your preferred color palette is natural. Our recommendations will help you achieve your unique style and solve the problems you shared with us.

We love your open floor plan and the fireplace. These are features much sought after in any home.

The challenges of this room are: keeping the space light and giving it a sense of being 'designed with purpose.' That means coordinating the kitchen, living room and stairway area so that they work together.

We started by creating a palette that works with your kitchen cabinetry and gorgeous bar stools. In addition, we incorporated your desire to keep things light and modernly, traditional with a rustic flair. We are keeping with neutral and natural colors - but pushing you a bit with some pops of color for interest and to help tie the spaces together.

Changing your sofa and loveseat out for a sectional will increase seating and adding a chair with color will introduce much needed interest to the space. We've done just that with these product selections and given you options.

We've selected a new mantel for you - giving the space a bit more modernly rustic sense and have carried that through all the wood finishes in the space. You can place the TV above the fireplace as option 1.

By placing these gorgeous chunky, rustic shelves to the left of the fireplace we create balance and rythem in the space and also gain storage. In addition, the contrast from the white walls to the rustic wood, moves the viewers eye from point to point in the room. As a second option - the TV might be installed within these shelves, hanging on the wall. Dog beds might fit below the shelves in the space where the TV stand used to be.

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