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Hello Karen, this is Heather, your designer. I greatly enjoyed designing your new family room. I think you will enjoy what I came up with, and the design solutions will make your space much more functional and visually pleasing. The overall design concept for your space was relaxed, warm, and cozy. Through the use of color, furniture selection, and spatial layout, I believe this is achieved throughout your space.

Your room has so many great qualities such as the natural light coming through the patio door, the rich wood flooring, and the generous amount of space. I was able to utilize these features to create the most ideal setting for you, your husband, and your beautiful dogs to kick back and relax.

Let's start with talking about the furniture layout. As you mentioned, your least favorite thing about the flow of the space is the large patio door in the middle of the wall. To relieve this issue, it is important to recognize the adjacencies that might provide a more ideal floor plan and turn the patio door into a benefit rather than a drawback. By separating your two bookshelves and placing them in an L-shape on the corner to the right of the door, you no longer need to awkwardly place your TV stand there. With the far wall now free, we have placed a beautiful media center complete with TV stand and equipment storage as well as shelving for books and accessories. This piece also anchors the wall and makes an elegant design statement and focal point as you enter the room.

I decided to go with the sectional sofa for your space not only because of the comfort it provides but also because it opens up the space while still allowing for necessary seating capacity. Having the chaise lounge side of the sectional at the entrance of the room creates an intimate setting and a clear path to the television both physically and visually. Placing a cozy reading chair in the opposite corner of the room provides additional seating for someone to read a book or visit with company.

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