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Hi Mike, it's Heather, your designer. I greatly enjoyed designing your main bathroom space and I hope you like what I came up with. The Greek Revival style is a classic landmark in Architectural history so I wanted to keep some of those characteristics but take a more understated approach so as not to seem over the top. The design I created will make your bathroom seem as though it fits within the rest of your home.

I love the large window with the beautiful molding surrounding it. This natural light coming into the space is a greatly desired feature in any home. The molding also gives it a strong architectural presence, which is key for the Greek revival style.

The layout of your space will start to make the greatest impact in your bathroom. To achieve the balance and structure that is characteristic of your style, I arranged the space using 2 main architectural details: columns and tile differentiation. The band of 8" mosaic tile accent starts in line with the window, continues across the floor, and wraps up the wall and into the shower. This line will divide the space into 2 sides for a grounded, balanced look. To take the look further, one side will be clad with a darker 'Tobacco' marble tile, the other with a lighter 'Vemise' tile.

A few columns will also do a great deal to bring order and visual interest to the space. The columns separating the shower from the tub will be 36" inches from the wall. An acrylic 3-Form panel measuring 36" x 72"high will be placed between these 2 columns to separate the shower but allow light to come through. The textured finish will also be an aesthetically pleasing element. The outer column will rest on the band of mosaic tile and actually be 2 inches wider than the other two against the wall. (6"x8" rather than 6"x6"). This 2 inches will give you more space in the shower.

In smaller spaces, utilization of space is vital. Placing the new shower adjacent to the wall with the door will allow you to make it deeper than your existing shower so that there is more room next to it for the tub. This tub and the feature wall behind it will act as the focal point of the room and tie in the design elements.

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