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Hi Carol, it's Heather, your designer. I greatly enjoyed designing your daughter's bedroom! I hope you both like what I came up with. The design concept for the space is a teen retreat with touches of glamor. This should be a space that she can enjoy by herself and also entertain her friends when they come to hang out.

Your room has great potential. The hardwood floors are beautiful and will be the perfect backdrop for the new area rug. I love the large window with the beautiful molding surrounding it. This natural light coming into the space is a greatly desired feature in any home. The dimension of the room is also a pretty generous size for a bedroom.

The way the furniture is arranged will start to make the greatest impact within the bedroom. The way the bed is now, blocks a lot of the circulation and visual flow in the space. Placing a smaller full size bed under the window wall will greatly open up the room and utilize the floor space. In the new design there is a more symmetrical balance which looks more elegant and glamorous.

On the wall opposite the bed, place a new mirrored dresser between the entry and closet doors. The smaller width will allow the dresser to fit perfectly in the 2'8" space. It is also nice having this dresser so close to the walk-in closet as your daughter is getting ready in the morning. She can keep personal items in the dresser and store her perfumes, hair accessories, etc. on the table top and in the drawers below.

On the larger 15 foot adjacent walls, there is now great opportunity to glam up the decor. On the wall to the right of the windows, place a narrow white bookshelf for storage and table space. Keep the wall opposite this wall free of any furniture to lighten up the room. This wall will become a display wall.

You mentioned how important it is for the new bedroom to accommodate your daughter and her friends. Let's talk about the seating options and layout. Now that the bed is rotated to the window wall, there is a great amount of space at the foot of the bed. Placing either a bench or 2 beanbags at the foot of the bed will introduce the perfect hang out space. She can also store a few floor cushions under her bed if she has more friends over.

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