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Hello Bettina, this is Heather, your designer. I greatly enjoyed designing your new living and dining room! The overall design concept for your space is warm, welcoming, and kid friendly. Through the use of color, furniture selection, and spatial layout, I believe this is achieved throughout your space. The following design solutions will make your space much more functional, visually pleasing, and fitting for you and your family. Your girls are adorable, by the way! :)

Your room has so many great qualities such as the natural light coming through not just one side but both sides of the room. The rich wood flooring and architectural trim also creates a perfect backdrop. I was able to utilize these wonderful features to create the most ideal setting for your family to enjoy time together.

Some adjustments to your furniture layout will make a noticeable difference in your family/dining room. I wanted to make sure that there is opportunity for you and your immediate family to spend time together, but also think there are some great solutions if you all wanted to have guests over to entertain.

If you visually enhance the division between the living and dining spaces, there will start to be more functionality and balance throughout. The 2 pieces of wood trim that run vertically in the center of your room will serve as the boundaries of this division. By playing up this separation with a decorative floor screen, you not only achieve a visual boundary, but also a partially physical one.


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