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Hello June, this is Heather, your designer. I greatly enjoyed designing your new family room! Since you use this space so often and for many different purposes, let's make it the very greatest it can be. These design solutions will make your space much more functional and visually pleasing.

The overall design concept for your space is 'Naturally Modern'. Using textures derived from the natural world and staying away from any products coming from animals will stay in tune with the conceptual vision.

Introducing a new color palette of gray, natural tones, and pops of color will liven up the space. Mixing up the furniture layout and bringing in some new accessories and art pieces will transform your family room into the perfect place to read, work, or lounge.

Your space already has so many great qualities such as the natural light, views through the window and patio door, the beautiful fireplace, and the spacious, open floor plan that open into the eating area and kitchen. I was able to utilize these features to create the most ideal setting.

Some changes to the furniture layout will make a great difference in your space. As you mentioned, you need places to lounge, read, and also work. The most successful way to go about this is to create different zones within your large space. As you can see on the floor plan, I have created an eating, work, and lounge zone. The tall bookshelf serves as the physical barrier between work and lounge and the eating area is off in it's own space.

The biggest change to your furniture plan will be to shift the sofa to the fireplace which will close off the seating area and make it more intimate. This will also provide more space for the new work area desk. Shifting the desk away from the window will create a new reading nook for a nice armchair and floor lamp.

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