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Hi Porter. This is Kacie, your designer. I really enjoyed working on your amazing NYC apartment living room, and I hope you love the design as much as we do!

Your style has a very clean and sophisticated feel with classy, yet current elements. And your preferred color palette is neutral with subtle pops of blue. Our recommendations will help you achieve this look and solve the problems you shared with us.

We absolutely love your apartment. The views of the city, I know must be incredible, so we want make sure they are the main focus. One of your biggest concerns was that the apartment currently is not at all your style. With the super traditional furnishings and old look. So we’ll make sure to bring in your style to this classic apartment and give it a contemporary feel.

Lets start with the basic layout of the living room. We have divided up the room for three main functions based on what you told me you’ll be using the room for (relaxing, working, small dining/bar area for some entertainment).

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