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Hello Amy, I had so much fun working on your kitchen and dining room, I hope youíll be happy with the results and find that not only is it family-friendly, but also has a modern and sophisticated touch for you to entertain.

First things first, I started with a subtle color; you hd mentioned that you didnít care for the maroon wall color and preferred something lighter. I didnít want your space to feel small or cramped and the best way to do this is with paint. Paint is the easiest way to make a significant change in your room. It can make your room warmer, happier, more restful or give it any feeling you prefer. Most importantly you can use paint to manipulate your space. A light color on the walls will instantly make your room feel larger and a dark color will have the opposite effect. Iíve selected a light neutral for your room; Behrís Koala Bear is a warm gray color and perfect to create a fresh open feel. I selected a neutral color because your space continues into your dining room and is viewable from other rooms in your house. A neutral will guarantee that it will look great in both spaces and you donít have to worry about stopping one color and starting another.

Because the walls are a neutral this will allow you to add pops of color with upholsteries and accessories. The key for any space is the 60-30-10 rule. 60% primary color, 30% secondary color, and 10% accent color; these translate into a room as 60% wall color, 30% upholsteries, and 10% accessories. For your secondary and accent colors I kept with natural greens and browns to maintain the earthy feel that you desire.

You mentioned that you need additional seating in your dining room to accommodate your family and friends. I selected a new table that has setting for 6 or more and has a simple modern design. It also has the bench seating that you like. Most importantly all the seating is covered in leather upholstery. Leather isnít just elegant it is practical,durable and wears nicely. With kids and a dog spills are not uncommon, lucky leather is always an easy clean up.

Along with the new dining room table, Iíve selected two counter-top stools to fit your penninsula for more casual meals with your son. These also have leather upholstery. They add a great modern touch to the room with their clean lines and elegant low back.

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