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Hi, this is Heather. I'm your designer. I graduated from the Art Instatute of Charlotte and have been working in the industry ever since.

Your Stylefinder Profile is rustic with cozy and inviting influence and your preferred color palette is warm. Our recommendations will help you achieve your unique style and solve the problems you shared with us.

We love your wood burning stove and arched doorways. These are features much sought after in any home.

The challenges of this room are: wall space and floor space

  • to brighten up with room we recommend Sherwin Williams Moonraker and accent wall with Cayenne. Having an accent wall with add a pop to the room and make it more warm and inviting.
  • As we discussed you wanted to keep your current furniture, However I have provided you with a sofa and chair option for when you are ready to buy new ones. These new leather sofa and chair will bring out your rustic theme.

    We've added lighting in the form of sconces on the walls and accent and task lighting. The arch lamp for the two chairs could be changed out placing a small round table in between the chairs and adding a lamp there instead.

    We've placed the cream leather chair in the TV area, but the great thing about this arrangement is that it could go in either side of the room. Simply turn it around 180 and move it closer to the wood stove and it can work there.

    Since your bookcase has 3 separate parts, you could separate it and use 2 of the sections where we show the wall shelves near your office.

    We've placed the TV on the wall where the bookcase is now, but you've also seen it on the wall to the right of the bookcase - both great options!

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