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This is a My Design Guide Petite Room Design. It gives you a professional interior room design based on your style and your business needs. We focused on creating a calm, spa like and cohesive look that maintained some of the nature of this 1920's building.

The room had a great start with lots of natural lighting, tall ceilings and great architectural detail. In addition, you have very functional space for performing great spa services - cozy and well-situated in your building. Our goal was to give the room much needed color and cohesiveness but keep the budget modest. We also wanted to ensure that this room was true to business needs, i.e some merchandising.

We will discuss our design in stages, because you have options. You can take some steps now and others later as you wish to invest additional funds in the room.

All of the products we recommend can be purchased from accessible online retailers like Target, Lowe's, Ikea your convenience and are listed in our clickable shopping list on page 5.

The key to this design was to use the existing natural light and architectural detail, but to introduce color and pattern to the room. Based on your feedback we've incorporated blues, greens and browns as well as texture of linen and bamboo - all very traditional spa colors and textures.

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