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This is our MyDesignGuide custom room design. It gives you a comprehensive design for your room based on your style and lifestyle preferences. When we spoke on the phone, you indicated that you really wanted to go Modern with this space with a bit of a Zen like feeling. While the home is a bit traditional, this guest bedroom will be unique.

You have a terrific space. There is lots of natural light and quiet in this guest room set away from the rest of the home. The hardwood floors you have work terrifically with any design style. They set a portion of our color palette for the room, with their very warm color contribution. In addition, your Stylefinder profile indicated that you prefer blues and greens, cool colors that will be terrifically calming in a guest bedroom. We started with xxxx blue on the walls.

The bed is clearly a focal point of this room - but not from the doorways so we recommend a bench/seating area under the dormer window to serve as the first focal point for the room. This space sets the tone of relaxation for the room. Immediately offering your guests a comfortable place to sit and read or look out at the view. It is anchored by simple bamboo shades in a dark cherry color consistent with the dark brown accents in the room.

The platform bed is the focal point when you are in the room. The large rectangular Bamboo in Grass prints are terrifically abstract allowing the viewer to use their imagination as to its form and perfect in scale to create a strong focal point. Flanked by one or two of the dark wood nightstands we've found for you, this design will impress and be a comfortable and appropriate room for any guest.

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