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This is your My Design Guide custom room design - lite. It gives you all the furnishings, flooring and paint color for your businesses' office, but does not include a rendering by the designer. Order the My Design Guide Standard Custom Room Design

The goal of this business space is to make customers feel comfortable during their brief visit to the shop. The design needed to be a bit modern in keeping with the building and ensure that the environment, which has a lot of commercial traffic - always looks clean and cohesive. The shop needs to say business and automotive, but modern and in keeping with the brand.

We started by selecting Sand dollar paint color. This is a nice neutral background upon which to create what will be a warm environment. Mexican Sand is used as an accent wall behind the cashiers counter. Dark wood and bronze tones will be used throught with red accents.

The room has lots of natural light, which is plus, the challenges are working with the pronounced tile flooring pattern and the cinder block wall pattern. Clearly we hope to diminish the visibility of both and to warm up the room with some fabric and warm furnishings.

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