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Hi Mary, I'm Mary Jo your designer. I graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in interior design and have been working in the industry ever since.

This is your custom dining room design. We started with your Stylefinder preferences and our one on one design consultation to create this Mary Masterpiece. This custom plan for your room includes several 3D renderings, furniture, draperies, carpet, lighting, art and accessories and paint color all wrapped up with a complete personal, clickable, shopping list for you . You might transform your room in a weekend or do it over time by shopping and choosing pieces one by one. Or reusing things you already have that's so green.

The color palette we've chosen for this room is beige with red accents. Wood finishes are both white and medium dark wood - we wanted to introduce multiple wood finishes to give the room designer look - collected over time - not too matchey-matchey. Wrought iron hardware pops off the red walls and white wood finishes.

We love your dining room because it is cozy and has easy access to the rest of the house, thus has lots of traffic- both of which are sought after in any home. The challenges of this room are limited natural lighting and the room size. However, I think that we have some great recommendations to help it become the inspiration for the your living room.

Since the room is limited in space, we've chosen furniture that is both functional and versatile. The room's two main walls are a cranberry and we love that you are not shy of red! A deep red can bring a lot of depth to a space. With the limited amount of light though, we've come up with a way to incorporate the red without making the room seem too dark or closed in. By painting the wall where the window is in a warm neutral, you are not only brighting up the space but also making the red "pop" all the more and making it the main feature wall- giving it the wow factor.

We've also picked a little bit different red that has a touch of orange in it (very today) because with a fresh color on the walls it will again brighten the space up. Another recommendation is to paint the base boards a cream color. That will help distinguish the floor from the wall by creating a distinct base to let your eye rest and allowing your guests to appreciate the fine woodwork in this room.

The focal point in the room is- and should be- the bright red wall which is why we decided to put a large round mirror on it. The mirror will not only reflect the light that comes from the outside into the room but it will also reflect the chandelier making the room seem larger. My Design Guide rule of thumb - 'Every home needs at least 1 large round mirror.'

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