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Hi Jahan, I'm Mary Jo your designer. I graduated from Louisiana State University with an interior design degree and have been working in the field ever since. I have loved getting to know your taste and your love for eclectic things. My hope is that with all these recommendations your room will look like out of a magazine!

The challenges in the room were the large open space and the lack of seating/color. In addition, you have those wonderful round windows above the fireplace - that are beautiful, but difficult to design around. You wanted to make use of some of your existing pieces of furniture - who doesn't? We love that. And, your husbands desire for a recliner - sounds familiar to us.

We decided to first break up the space along the natural lines that the tile pathway creates. The right side of the room is more formal and the left side of the room is more of a TV/play area. Because you had a large emblem in the middle of the tile, we chose a neutral runner that not only covers it but also softens the hard surface. We placed a long console table along the back of the sofa for you to put things on as you come inside. It also serves as another place to display pictures etc.

For the paint colors, we selected a overall light grey color that would still let the room remain bright but also give it some sophistication. The darker neutral is for the inset in the ceiling as well as for an the accent wall with the fireplace. For the ceiling, by having a deeper color inset it helps you see the detail in the corners as well as make the room more cozy. The third color is a moss green color that would highlight the mantel and introduce another color into the room. We also darkened the wood trim around the windows and floors.

You mentioned that your husband liked the wood look and we thought that by darkening the color it would update it but also continue to show the wood that he likes to see. So, consider having the wood work stained a darker shade.

The furniture in the formal side of the room creates two different seating areas- the two chairs and then the sofa. Both have clean lines and are meant to give a quiet space to your room. The pattern on the chairs and the pillows on the sofa are meant to give some interest and some pops of color to the neutral carpet, sofa and walls.

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