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Family Room - 1, ~WINDOW TREATMENT Design + More List

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Hi, this is Mary Jo and I'm your designer. I graduated from Louisiana State University with an interior design degree and have been working in the industry ever since.

Your room is huge and we love the furniture that you have in it! This window treatment guide will solve your window problems and help you make more decisions about the rest of the room.

We picked out two different drapes that draw from the red furniture and warm neutral walls. We selected a patterned drape that is similar to the one you picked out, but the difference is that this one has a lighter background and introduces some other colors into the room. We also like that the pattern is soft and not a bold contrast- so it won't compete with the red furniture. The second drape we picked out was red stripe that was simple and classic and would again be a great background for the furniture.

To give you the option to close the windows, we gave you a bamboo blind that adds a beautiful wood texture to the windows. This will also make the windows even that much more finished looking. The color of the bamboo is a medium/light brown color because we thought that with all your wood furniture, that would look the best. You mentioned that you liked this look for the kitchen window and this would be a great way to tie the rest of the windows in with it.

For the hardware on the windows, we selected a rod and finial that is basic but beautiful. It adds a little bit more interest than a basic ball finial would. You talked about the two different lengths of the windows- and that is not uncommon. Once you put the bamboo on the "regular" windows, and then put drapes on both the patio windows and the "regular" ones, it will look fine. No one is bothered by windows when they end at different lengths visually. They are bothered when they aren't the same distance below the ceiling- so one looks taller than the other. Since that isn't the case with your windows, once you dress them they will look more coordinated and less mixed matched.

So, that leads us to coordinating with the dining room. We already picked out the Alexandra drape for that room; however, if you'd rather have this patterned drape in the dining room too, that would work just fine. Since you don't have any other colors to go off of besides the furniture and wall color, it frees you up to have multiple patterns.

Thank you for letting us help you design this beautiful room and we hope that you are encouraged to move forward with your interiors! Please keep us posted on your progress - we are here to help. Happy Decorating.

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