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Hi, this is Emily your designer. I graduated from ISU School of Design and have been working in the industry ever since.

This is your MyDesignGuide Design Consultation. It gives you great answers to small design problems, so you can get to know us. For a custom room design in 3D, we recommend the Custom Room Design to get the stylish room you are seeking. It costs less than the price of 1 chair!

Your son’s, Noah, Stylefinder Profile is Asian with eclectic influences. We usually think of Asian as just being a clean, uncluttered design. His preferred color palette is cool tones in the blues. Our recommendations will help you achieve your unique style and solve the problems you shared with us.

We love your room. It’s a great size, the two large windows are wonderful and it’s a perfect place for a little boy to play and grow up into a little man ☺

The challenges of this room are the lack of storage and art. Also, it’s missing that overall finished feeling of a completed room. I will address all these issues with recommendations that will give you a room that both your son and yourself will love!

You're right, it’s often easier to decorate if you have inspiration for your room. Something that excites, soothes, calms or just makes you smile. It can be a piece of art, furniture, travel destination (beach, Tuscany etc…) or a feeling (spa). Your son loves “Thomas the Train,” but you mentioned it a bit too young for him to grow with. I think staying the train theme, but finding décor that keeps with it in a more sophisticated way, will insure you aren’t redecorating his space in a few years.

After you have that inspiration you can then start to create focal points. Typically, every room should have at least one focal point from each doorway. That is, if you have one doorway in the room, you’ll have one focal point. If you have 2 doorways, you will have 2 focal points. The reason for this is that you want to see something gorgeous….as you enter the room. Adding drapes would define the window as one of the room’s key focal point. Consider placing a collection of train miniatures on the window sill - or you can even hang a print on the window frame itself. The print should be medium in size so it can be seen from the doorway.

You said you want the yellow color gone, so I’ve selected a great blue/gray color that isn’t too baby blue and will be the perfect shade to grow with your son. It’s called Russian Blue and is from Behr Paint. You always want to start your room design by defining your color palette. We show you how. 60% of the palette will be wall color, 30% furnishings/upholstery and 10% accent color. So now we have the Blue/gray for the wall color and we are introducing browns that match the bed as your 30% color.

Also, your space is missing that “put-together” feel; you can achieve that feeling from an accent color (the 10%). Consider either red, a great train color or gray for this space. Or perhaps start with red when he is younger and move to gray ( a more sophisticated color) as he ages. Your accent color is intended to moves the eye from point to point in the room - allowing the viewer to enjoy each of your room’s furnishings.

In addition, every room should have about three different pattern fabrics a solid (easy), a geometric (circles, stripes etc…) and an organic pattern (leaves, flowers, etc…). Introducing pattern in pillows, draperies, carpeting or even throws is inexpensive and safe. And, here’s how to do it. Your space needs both a geometric and organic pattern in order to give it that designer style.

Take a look at the drapes I’ve selected for Noah’s room. Window treatments are a key factor in making your room feel complete. They provide not only function, keeping heat, cold and glare out of a room, but also beauty and warmth and are a great place to introduce color and pattern into a room. Drapes should be hung so that they reach 1” from the floor and the rod should be installed 2 to 4” above the window frame. The drapes I’ve selected are a great brown color that will provide a beautiful complementary look against the blue walls as you enter the room. Plus, they have a subtle geometric pattern that adds much needed pattern in the space. To complete your pattern needs in the room add either bedding or a rug with an organic pattern.

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