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This is your MyDesignGuide Quick Fix. It gives you great answers to small design problems, so you can get to know us. But, we recommend the Custom Room Design to get the stylish room you are seeking. It costs less than the price of 1 chair!

Hi, this is Heather, your designer. I graduated from Virginia Tech School of Design and have been working in the industry ever since.

I see that your style is modern with Asian and rustic influence and don't necessarily have a color palette preference. Let's make this your design concept: "Swanky, inviting family room".

I love your open plan and how spacious the room is! There is also so much natural light, which establishes a great connection with the outdoors. These are features much sought after in any room. With the following suggestions, your family room will soon start to feel like an inviting, relaxing gathering spot that everyone will want to be in!

Your furniture looks really nice, however the layout could be more functional and focused. Place your new TV not on the corner but on the wall across from the windows. This will allow for a beautiful opportunity for an accent wall on the large blank wall. The home office furniture seems out of place and might find a better spot somewhere else in your home. With those items gone, you can accommodate a larger sofa and more seating for everyone to enjoy.

The placement of your dining furniture is great! You clearly have 2 separate zones within the larger room, so maybe a floor screen or room divider would serve to accentuate this and make the living area more intimate.

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