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Hi Patricia, this is Heather, your designer. I graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Interior Design and have been working in the industry ever since.

Your bedroom has great potential! There is so much natural light coming in, which makes it feel very open and airy. The ceiling detail work is also a nice architectural feature. With the following suggestions, we will create the Master Bedroom you have always desired.

I see that your style is transitional with rustic influences and your preferred color palette is one with more subtle, understated colors. Let's create a space that is intimate and relaxing for you and your husband. The design concept will be "Sensual Oasis". Using a combination of furniture, accessories, and special touches, this feeling will certainly be achieved.

Let's start with the layout of your room. I think the overall furniture plan you have now is appropriate for the architectural features in the room. It allows you to have your console across from your bed, a nice reading nook area by the window, and good circulation between wardrobe and your bathroom and closet.

Switch out your recliner chair with the 'Loring Chaise' for a luxurious reading nook that you both can enjoy. Pair this with a floor lamp or a small table, and you're set!

For the matching nightstands flanking the bed, go with the 'Sofia Bedside Table'. This option is a soft white color with detailing on the edges. Functionally, it is also desirable due to the drawer and the storage underneath.

Other accents and design elements will be introduced on the following page of your design presentation.

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