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Hi, this is Amy your designer. I graduated from Charlotte School of Design and have been working in the industry ever since.

This is your MyDesignGuide Design Consultation. It a mood board customized just for your bedroom.

Your Stylefinder Profile is Traditional with eclectic influences and your preferred color palette is warm tones. Our recommendations will help you achieve your unique style and solve the problems you shared with us.

We love the natural light of your bedroom and the en-suite bath makes it so luxurious. These are features much sought after in any home.

The challenges of this room are creating focal points (the bed is one) and introducing color and pattern and a few finishing touches to create a 5 star resort, in your own home. We can help!

We've selected a cool calming color palette that will work for years to come. The soft gray combined with a light teal blue, will work with much of your bedding, serving as a neutral backdrop. Paint the wall behind the new headboard Palladian blue as your accent wall - or as you see in the inspiration photo, you might consider wall paper there.

The placement of the bed is fine even though you may get tired of it. It gives us a large wall on which to create a beautiful focal point. We've done that be selecting a very affordable headboard in gray. This color will be more 'family friendly' than the cream color you were considering and the nail head detail makes it more man-friendly keeping hubby happy. The shape will look fabulous against the accent wall color or wallpaper.

We've used a silver cabinet for your side of the bed because that side will need weight to balance against the large dresser you've purchased and the visual weight of the black furnishings. This item has room for lots of storage - keeping your room uncluttered. You might place a glass ball lamp or the glass container boxes we've selected for you on top.

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