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Hi Suzanne! This is Kacie, your designer. I graduated from the University or North Carolina Greensboro with a degree in Interior Architecture and have been working in the industry ever since.

I had so much fun designing your living room. You have a fantastic sense of style and I enjoyed designing to match your style. We love the wood floors and cozy feel of your room. These are features much sought after in any home. The challenges were: incorporating the existing sofa, maintaining the brightness in the room, and keeping a clear path of circulation.

Your self-proclaimed eclectic style serves as the base of our concept. We took traditional pieces and blended in contemporary and coastal accents for those little surprises that you desired. The color scheme selected will only further the concept: Warm grey/beige walls with pops of turquoise, blue, and green will be enough to make this room feel refreshing and colorful without painting the walls bright blue!

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