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Hi Hallie. This is Kacie, your designer. I graduated from the University of NC School of Design and have been working in the industry ever since.

Your Stylefinder Profile is Asian with coastal and modern influences. And your preferred color palette is cool tones. Our recommendations will help you achieve your unique style and solve the problems you shared with us.

There is so much to love about your living room – the hardwood floors, wood ceiling and beams, gorgeous floor to ceiling windows! These are all features that are highly sought after in any home.

The challenges of this room are: placement of your newly purchased piano, placement of other furnishings, and creating a cohesive design for the room that reflects your personal style.

First, I have given you 3 options for room layouts with the piano, since I know that is most important to you. Option 1 has the piano in the corner between the fireplace and the windows. Option 2 has the piano in the opposite corner, between the fireplace and the long wall. Option 3 has the piano back in the same corner as Option 1, but the furniture in a different layout. Please view the floor plans to the left for more details on specific furniture arrangement.

I went ahead and selected products for you, even though I know the furniture arrangement was most important. To your left, I have selections for the living area. I went with a cool scheme with greens, grays and white. Consider painting your walls a light, cool gray to add some depth. Use this green area rug with a subtle pattern and then neutral seating and tables for a sophisticated look. I have provided two tv stand options, one large and one small, depending on the floor plan you select.

On the next page are selections for the dining area. I understand your concern, that this is the only dining area in the home. So I wanted to keep that. Though I think a round table will work much better than rectangle. This 42” circular table is perfect for you, stylish and functional. Add 4 chairs around it and a funky chandelier and you’ll be set.

I hope you love this design as much as we do, Hallie! Please ask, if you come up with any questions. Enjoy your new piano, and most of all happy decorating!

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