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Hey Theresa! This is Kacie, your designer.

I had so much fun designing your kitchen for you! You have such an awesome eclectic style and your kitchen has huge potential, designing this space was a dream project! After our phone consultation and our many conversations back and forth, I really felt like I had a grasp of your personal design taste, and I hope you love this design as much as we do!

Lets start with your wish list. You mentioned wanting new countertops, backsplash (or more or a wall of tile), sink, faucet, window treatments, island, and crown moulding. You also stated that you would be interested in painting your cabinets white, which I think is a great (and surprisingly easy) way to lighten the feel of the room.

I used your eclectic design style, your living room design that we previously did for you, and your orders to ďgo crazy!Ē as a starting point.

You helped select the counters and tile which I loved having your input with. So we went with the Blue Pearl Granite (gorgeousÖ seriously). And the white glass tiles with an accent stripe of the blue glass tiles. You had a unique idea to tile an entire wall. When I put the design into 3D form, it looked pretty awesome having the whole wall with the windows with tile (and I carried it above the cabinets also, but thatís up to you if you want to do that). Iíve designed it to be mostly the white tiles with just the stripe of blue as a pop. We donít want it to be too chaotic since weíre going to be doing some crazy things elsewhere!

Iíve selected a new area rug for the floor. A bright pattern with teal, blue, and greens is a fantastic way to tie in color from your living room, dining room, and all those fun teal walls. This pattern will pull it all together.

On top of the rug, you can place your new kitchen island. I loved that you found out that Home Depot can custom make an island out of cabinetry. Iím recommending you use white cabinets and the same Blue Pearl Granite to keep the kitchen looking cohesive. I have it so the countertop is 3íx4í (the cabinets beneath will be less, so that you have an overhang to pull up some stools). *Theresa, please check with the associate at Home Depot to make sure you do the correct size to go in your kitchen*. Two retro metal countertop stools in an aqua shade will look great with the rug, counters, backsplash, and overall scheme of your home.

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