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Hi Hallie! This is Kacie, your designer. I truly enjoyed designing your living room for you and was happy when you asked us to work on your office.

I understand that you want your office to feel professional, but warm and comfortable and I see that your preferred color palette is neutral. Our recommendations will help you achieve your unique style and solve the problems you shared with us.

The challenges of this room are: working with the small dimensions and your existing furniture. I have drawn a floor plan of your office (at the correct scale), to the left. Option 1 shows the room with your existing loveseat and chair, with the desk in the upper corner by the door. My concern with this is that your upholstered pieces are so oversized, that they donít seem to fit into this room without it feeling overcrowded. With a room of this size, itís best to use furniture that is petite, but we still want it to feel lush and comfortable at the same time.

Now enter option 2, which uses the furnishings Iíve selected. I think your desk and desk chair and lamp are great, so we can keep those. But I really think you should consider upholstered pieces that are at a much, much smaller scale. The sophisticated sofa Iíve selected works really well in this room up against the window. You can see on the two floor plans how thin this sofa is compared to your loveseat, but itís longer which will make it feel more roomy and comfy. The light linen color will look clean and professional. Try and look at a smaller scale chair for the room as well. The wingback Iíve selected has a much smaller footprint than yours, but because itís a wingback and is therefore tall with a bold presence, it doesnít look like a teeny tiny chair. The ivory leather works well with the linen, it matches but isnít too matchy-matchy, if that makes sense! These little tricks are what can make a small room (or office) work and not look nearly as small or crowded.

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