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Hello Anne. I had so much fun working on your bonus/game room. It is always especially fun working with a blank slate. ☺ I think youíll be happy with the results and find this space to be the fun hangout for your kids, but also is functional for studying and family-friendly for movie nights.

As we discussed, I went with a very modern look and feel for this room. Because it is off from the main part of your house it works; it almost becomes a retreat to a different house altogether. With the up-to date look your kids will hangout even more in here doing their homework, playing videogames, and being with friends. And we have spaces for all of those.

I chose a palette of gray and yellow with hints of navy blue to contrast. Gray and yellow is becoming the new black and white and I personally LOVE the combination. It looks chic and sophisticated, but is timeless.

For your walls, I selected a light cool gray called Dolphin Gray from Behr Paints. I didnít want your space to feel small or cramped, especially with the limited natural lighting and the best way to do this is with paint.

You have beautiful built-in shelving, however, Iíd recommend painting it the same color Dolphin Gray as your walls. This would give the appearance that it is fully built-in and make it blend better in your space. To give the shelving a fun contrast and some character; painting the back wall of the shelves and the actual wall behind it in the yellow color Iíve selected, Cheerful Hue, will not only give you a fun pop of color, but also will look great! I would even paint the paneling on the cabinet doors a few shades darker than your wall color - funniest paint color I've ever heard of 'Squirrel" and add new cabinet pulls. This will instantly updated that entire wall.

You mentioned that finding a functional seating arrangement was difficult in your space because of the bathroom, windows, closet doors, and especially the attic door in the ceiling. To accommodate all of those things and still make the room practical and aesthetically pleasing, I rotated your seating and television set 90 degrees clockwise. By placing the television on the wall with the window and floating the sofa in the middle of the room, this allows you to create a defined seating arrangement. Also, it creates a flow of traffic that still allows everything in the space to be easily accessible. When you do need to get into the attic, you can simple just move the side table and lamp and be able to pull down the ladder.

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