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The second option rotates the sofa so that it runs next to the bookcases and allows you to have two accent chairs on the other side. A love seat or chair 1/2 would work here too. Since there was a little more attention to the middle of the space in this option, we swapped out the poufs for a bench that can also act as seating/a table. Both of these options will look great, but are different-pick the one you think would work the best for your family.

The area rug is a rug that we had discussed earlier. The muted pattern is perfect to ground the space. The wall color should coordinate with it, and if the wall color is a hair off, just tweak the wall color instead of looking for another rug (that's if you love the rug enough). The other place that we used strong color was on the bookcases. We selected a bright citron wallpaper that will add texture and a back drop of color for that wall.

For accent pieces in the room, we chose a small grey garden stool and an end table that has baskets for storage. In the second secenario, we exchanged the end table for nesting tables that coordinate with the space. We thought that adding the most color in through pillows and accessories was the best way to bring in the accent colors. All of them have strong geometric or modern prints that look great on each of the pieces. We picked out these accent chairs because we liked the natural fiber on the backs and how the leather picked up the dark wood in the cabinets under the bookshelves.

Lighting in the room was brought in two places- on the end table and in the corner. We added a table lamp and a floor lamp to help give you more light in the place that probably tends to get dark. Another thought we had, was to add recessed lighting above the bookcases (on the part of the wall near the air vents). That way you could have even more light on that back wall.

Decorating the bookcases was so fun! We loved that you wanted a overall concept for them and we know that you have inspirational pictures. We gave you a few accessories that we found that we thought would go with your theme. The main trick is to group things together and add/subtract based on color and height. We know it'll look great!

The fireplace surround recommendation is an Ann Saks crystal glass tile in Water that we'll do not only on the surround, but then you mentioned taking it into your kitchen. A great way to give your entire home cohesion.


SW 6944 Pool Blue
by Sherwin Williams

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Blake Lounge Chair with Leather Cushion, in Coffee
Crate and Barrel

Granada Rug, 9x12
Ballard Designs

Crystal Glass, 12"x24" in Water
Ann Saks

Royal Wallpaper in Citrus T762

Interlocking Rings Stool

Morgan End Table, in Rubbed Black, with baskets
Ballard Designs
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