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To define the seating and television area even more, I added a rug. No worries, it is completely acceptable to place rugs on rugs in the design world; and frankly it always looks great when you do! Rugs are perfect for any space because they add so much to one area. Rugs allow you to define and create a room inside of a room. And to add color and pattern to any space. It’s important that every room should incorporate three patterns. We added a gorgeous geometric rug with a honeycomb pattern. It's a perfect match for your space.

To continue adding some delightful patterns and colors in your space, I selected a simple all charcoal gray sofa that has great nail work detailing on the base. Along with the sofa, I added two modern white chairs, which are surprising more comfortable than they look and two floor poufs from West Elm. If you don't care for these, we've selected a couple of other options for you as well. I thought the poufs were super fun and could envision your kids pulling them over in front of the television to play videogames with friends. They add additional seating without taking up much space.

Modern chevron pillows in a navy blue pop off the sofa. This accent colors make the viewer’s eye move around the space from one beautiful piece to the next. We've incorporated a few accessories in the navy too space.

Drapes are an inexpensive ways to dress any space up and make it look finished. Drapes keep hot air out and cool air in, so they are not only beautiful, but practical. Make sure to hang the drapes so that they reach 1” from the floor and the rod should be installed 2 to 4” above the window frame. The ones we've chosen are navy velvet and give a great coziness to the space. Closing them during a movie will make it seem like you are in the theatre.

Every room needs at least three sources of light. As we discussed, I selected the “spot” light lamp for your space because it is one of your favorites. Also, I selected a new ceiling fan for your space. The fan incorporates a light so you can have overhead lighting, but is very modern. and industrial look all at the same time. For your third source of light, adding a few table lamps near the sofa and desk area will provide direct lighting when wanted. The lamp by the sofa is optional.

Now accessories, accessories are that final factor that makes your room WOW! The MyDesignGudie accessory rule is fewer and larger accessories makes your room feel more calm and clean. When you add art and accessories scale is important. You don't want to hang a tiny print or place a tiny vase…far away from where someone will view it or it will not be seen. Stand at the entry to your room and sit in the seats - can you see the detail of the art as you intended too? If so, you are right on track…..if not upsize. Because of your room configuration, you have a lot of negative wall space that needs a touch of art added to it to make it look complete. I added a few simple pieces around the room such as a modern typograph print next to the desk, and above the television I added a metal plaque that you buy as 1 piece, but we recommend separating into 3 and hanging as such. The metal finish incorporates the industrial look again in your space, but the detailed carvings truly make it a work of art!

On the large bare wall between your entrance and closet doors I thought it would be a perfect spot to create a picture gallery. Picture galleries are a perfect place to highlight all of your favorite pictures or even your kid’s artwork. Don’t let all those frames intimidate you; whenever I go to make a gallery of pictures, I will cut newspapers into the shapes and sizes of all my frames and tape them to the wall first. This will allow you to play and figure out where you want each frame to go before putting a million nail holes in your wall.


Dolphin Fin 790C-3
by Behr

Cheerful Hue - 330B-4
by Behr

Squirrel 790D-5
by Behr

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