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Front Formal Living Room - 1, ~GRAN Design + More + More + More List

As you mentioned, we've combined some colorful accessories, with a few quirky kids pieces like the Wallflower set, the Aquatic Condo and the Splash clock. How fun!

I hope you love your new modern and trendy game/study room as much as I do! You’ll be surprised how effectually incorporating any of these suggestions will instantly transform your space into the family-friendly space that both you and your kids will enjoy spending time in.

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Please keep us posted on your progress - we are here to help. Happy Decorating.

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Grayson Grommet Window Panels

Kaden Spot Floor Lamp
Home Decorators

Mazon Brushed Stainless Steel Ceiling Fan

Gallery Frames
West Elm

Aquatic Condo

Typograph 5
West Elm

Amaryllis Metal Wall Decor
Home Decorators

Wallflower Set

Navy Embroidered Pillow
Home Decorators

Beacon Pillow
Home Decorators
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